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I've been providing psychic readings since 1993, mostly in the Seattle area. Over the years I've studied with various spiritual teachers, but I personally do not align to a single tradition or religion. I would say I am a free thinker.

In addition to a strong intuition and my ability to read energy, I routinely experience dreams that guide me. This is how I ended up at Amazon in 1996 and I worked there for 23 years. One might consider a job at a technology company to be the polar opposite of walking a spiritual path, but for me it was a significant experience.

I met so many amazing, brilliant people that I am proud to now call friends. I grew as a person, mentally and spiritually. I developed technical and business expertise. I learned how to manage money and about financial markets. I became a mentor, coach, teacher, and leader. I had a huge impact on the company and helped tens of thousands of employees.

In 2019 I decided I needed a change. I felt called to be more available as a psychic. I also have significant experience (see my LinkedIn) that other companies might benefit from. So I decided to offer that expertise as a consultant. It may seem like a strange juxtaposition to offer both readings and consulting, but I'm excited to be of service in whatever way I can and I see no reason to limit myself.


If you are interested in a session, click the "Book a Reading" button below. If you have questions, see my FAQ or send me a note via my Contact form.

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