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Intuitive Tarot Readings. Feng Shui Consultations. Practical Guidance.

This image of hummingbirds with a flower is original artwork by the incredible Chris Buzelli

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I am an intuitive. My skills give me the ability to assess the energetic body, also called the "aura". I can see imbalances, blockages, and sometimes I get images of people and situations that are significant in some way.


These patterns in your energetic body are important. They often point to an emotional, mental, physical, or spiritual area of your life that needs your attention. They can also reflect unresolved issues causing disharmony or disruption in your health, relationships, work, or finances. Typically this is something you are already aware of and the reading confirms your own inner guidance.


For specific questions, I can use tarot cards or not. If you choose tarot, I will shuffle the cards and lay them out in a pattern that best fits the question. I then read the cards, explain how they interact, and share the guidance that they offer.

Before coming to any conclusion I ask questions. My goal is to provide you with useful insights to support your personal growth, life goals, and alignment to your soul’s purpose. I want everyone to leave a reading feeling empowered and validated.

  • You're unhappy at work

  • You have relationship concerns

  • You're considering a move (job, home, etc.)

  • You have financial concerns

  • You feel creatively blocked

  • You keep experiencing the same issues over and over

  • You feel stuck

  • You're working to understand your own intuition

"A reading with a psychic shouldn't make you nervous. The best validate what you already know to be true, giving you more confidence in your own ability to make the right decisions."
- Leah



If you have questions, see my FAQ or send me a note via my Contact form.

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